This blog is devoted, in the main, to criticism of new books of poetry by the sorts of authors who often get ignored by the bigger little magazines (I know it looks like a contradiction in terms, but it isn’t!) much less the major periodicals. The focus is on work by authors with independent publishers who often have to struggle to get reviews.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Gary–

    Well, very advisedly. Thus far, I’ve stuck to trade-published books, and generally wouldn’t recommend the route of self-publication. But send it if you want. No guarantees.

  2. A poet named Conway recommended you. I looked you up on Google.

    Shit, some of my poems are older than you. 🙂

    If I can find an address, I might take you up on your kind offer. I don’t generally seek feedback, being a misanthropic recluse and all.

    Regards to the ‘old country’ from a Texas Irishman (kind of like the Marines: once an Irishman, always an Irishman…a couple of centuries notwithstanding).


    P.S. I’ve self-published four books now. I wouldn’t even consider the alternatives in their current state.

  3. Hi Quincy, Do you ever post poetry events on your blog? Performance makes for a vibrant poetic community! I can keep you posted on the small bright stars reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, where I intern.

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I do swing by the BPC from time to time if an event looks interesting, and I agree with you in general. I tend to think that there are enough message boards around for upcoming events as is without doing the same myself, though.

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